1987 Born in Gunma, Japan

Lives and works in London, UK


2012. Tokyo University of the Arts, M.A. in Design

2010. Musashino Art University, B.A. in Visual Communication Design

Solo exhibitions

2018 The Heards, S.Y.P Art Space, Tokyo, JP

2015 Onto a Vacant Lot, Gallery HAM, Aichi, JP

Selected group exhibitions

2016 Do building dream of waking?, Hayano BLDG, Tokyo, JP

2016 An examination for Upcoming Artists Exhibition, ATLIA, Kawaguchi Art Gallery, Saitama, JP

2016 Site/Specific/Object, Kyu-Kadoya old elementary school,Aichi, JP

2015 Around the visibles, Kyu-Kadoya old elementary school, Aichi, JP

2014 From Shichi-Inn, yamakiwa gallery, Niigata, JP

2014 Nakanojo/Nagoya, Gallery HAM, Aichi, JP

2013 NAKANOJO BIENNALE 2013, Iwamoto-Kami-Gumi community center, Gunma, JP

2013 Setouchi Triennale 2013, Minami-Kamano community center, Kagawa, JP

2012 ART Kameyama, Mie, JP

2011 Sanae Yamada, Kyoko Momosaki, Chiko Takei, Gallery KINGYO,Tokyo, JP

2011 NAKANOJO BIENNALE 2011, Akaiwa community center, Gunma, JP

2011 Exhibition of traditional and contemporary, The University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo,JP

2011 J-ART, 4th Annual Emerging Japanese Artist’s Exhibition, WAH center, NY, US

2010 SHIDE contact, Selected graduate works Exhibition, The Artcomplex center of Tokyo, Tokyo,JP


2018 “With Friction, As Friction” at Maebashi Media Festival 2018, Maebashi College of Fashion Culture Art Space, Maebashi, Gunma

2018 “With Friction, As Friction” at Wathann Film Festival #8, Goete Institut Myanmar, Yangon, Myanmar

2018 “With Friction, As Friction” at Image Forum Festival 2018,

- 7th Aug| Theater Image Forum, Tokyo,JP

- 11th Aug| Spiral Hall, Tokyo, JP

- 25th Aug| Lumen Gallery, Kyoto, JP

- 16th Sep| Yokohama Museum of Art, Yokohama, JP

- 29th Sep| Aichi Arts Center, Nagoya, JP


2017 End of Summer, Yale Union contemporary art center, Portland, US

2013 NAKANOJO BIENNALE 2013, Nakanojo town, Gunma, JP

2013 Setouchi Triennale 2013, Shodoshima town, Kagawa, JP

2011 NAKANOJO BIENNALE 2011, Nakanojo town, Gunma, JP


2018 Nominated, Image Forum Festival 2018, Image Forum, Tokyo, JP

2016 Selected, Upcoming Artists Exhibition, ATLIA, Tokyo, JP


2018 The Venice Vending Machine(a.k.a. Kaori Homma and Sanae Yamada), Tate Liverpool, Liverpool, UK

2018 Video production, Playing with Fire promotion video for Kaori Homma, Blockeley Open Studio, London, UK

2016 Video production, 2020 theater performance Directed by Kaori Nishio, Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo, Tokyo, JP